My Trip To Kelantan (16th To 18Th August 2014) In conjunction With Coins Exhibition Of Museum Kelantan.(Day 1)
Touched down at Kota Bharu Airport, Kelantan at 12.05 noon on Saturday,16th August 2014. This was my first visit to Kota Bharu in conjunction with the launching ceremony of Kelantan Museum Coins Exhibition on 18th August 2014.

I took a taxi to check into the Dynasty Inn Hotel at Jalan Sultana Zainab, Kota Bharu. Without wasting time, I started to visit the Kelantan Museum which is located about five minutes walk from the hotel.
It was during the lunch hour, Dato Sharuddin was away with museum officers for lunch. The setting up of the exhibition is still in progress. I decided to look around for my own lunch. I came to a restaurant that was managed by a Chinese lady sitting at the cashier counter but the whole trading floor was full of Muslim workers. Many Haji were serving the customers. There were many Muslim and Chinese customers enjoying their lunch together. I love to see such nice, harmonized , cheerful environment. I decided to have my lunch here. The name of the restaurant is Restaurant Hover.
Upon sitting, I was puzzled when the Pak Haji served me plates and plates of food. I try to stop him, he smile at me and said " Is alright, you pick your choice, you only need to pay what you eat.". I was served with a plate of 5 pieces well fried kampong chicken, a plate of kampong chicken cook with "lemak chili api", two pieces of black sauce "ikan tenggeri", two pieces of  nicely cook "sotong chili", a plate of fried bean sprout and a plate of chili paste. I stopped the Pak Haji, if not, he is still bringing to me more dishes.
It was my best Kelantan food that I had ever tasted. I was told by the Chinese lady at the cashier counter, it is a joint venture business. The food was managed by a Muslim family and the Chinese family serve only beverages. There were in business for more then 30 years.
Dato Sharuddin came to joint me for a drink when he was told by his assistant that I was looking for him at the museum just now. After the tea break, we went back to the museum to proceed with the arrangement of the exhibition items. I met many museum staff and the Museum Assistant Curator En Nik Mohammad Izwan Nik Annuar, there were working until mid night for the past few days in order to make sure that everything are in order. I really respect their working attitude.
Dato Sharuddin, a new friend Mr.Poknik Newbie and me, had an other round of tea before I returned to hotel.
On the evening, I was entertained by my good friend, Mr. Lee K.T., a numismatist in Kelantan with a very Thai style of dinner at a very famous restaurant, The Ban Kok Thai Food Restoran. I was told by him, this restaurant was recommended and promoted many times by many media in Kelantan. The food, especially the fried Kangkong were just marvelous.
After the dinner, he invited me to his home to view his collection. He told me I was the first and the only person that he showed his collection. My comments on his collection, speechless!

To be continued.....


Gold Kijang Kupang Of Kelantan With Kangaroo Kupang.
Since I am going to Kelantan tomorrow morning to attend the Coins Exhibition Of Museum Kelantan, here I would like to share with you a rare variety of Gold Kijang Kupang Of Kelantan.

Different views were given regarding on the origin of the Kijang gold coins. Some said it associates with Che Siti Wan Kembang, a female ruler in Kelantan. Her reign was rather obscure as one historian places her in the 14th century while another puts her in the 17th century. According to local folklore, some Arab traders presented a Kijang to the Queen. She became very fond of her pet and had it inscribed on the gold coins.
Reverse: "Al Adil" (The Just).

Another version was linked to the influence of Saivite Hinduism. The connection was based on the fact that the earliest issue of Kijang coins resembled the Indian humped-back bull and the bull motif was depicted on the ancient Hindu coins which were circulated in the Northern Malay States.
This Kijang Gold Kupang exhibits a barking deer / or a Indian humped-back bull with a tail resembled the tail of a kangaroo.

Weight: 0.63gm.
Edge: Plain.
Diameter: 9.00mm.


The Coins Exhibition Of  Museum Kelantan On 18-8-2014 to 18-9-2014.
Tomorrow morning (16-8-2014), I will be leaving for Kota Bahru of Kelantan to attend the Kelantan Coin Exhibition (18th August to 18th September 2014). It was organized by the Perbadanan Muzium Negeri Kelantan, the Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Negeri Kelantan and the Kelab Warisan Numismatik Malaysia.

There are 4 main area of coinage to be exhibited:
1) Matawang Kesultanan Melayu. (Malay States Sultanate Coins)
2) Matawang Era Sebelum Merdeka.( Malaysia Pre-Independence Coinage).
3) Matawang Selepas Merdeka (Malaysia Modern Coinage)
4) Matawang Antarabangsa.(World Coins).

This event will be launched at noon by the YAB Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Ahmad Yakob on 18th August 2014. Among the VVIP invited is the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz.

This program will exhibits more than 2,000 pieces of coins. Hence, It has worn the Malaysia Book of Guinness Record on the category of the most coins exhibited in a single exhibition in Malaysia. Almost all the coins displayed in this exhibition are the collection of Dato' Sharuddin Yusof, the President of  Kelab Warisan Numismatik Malaysia and the Second Vice President of Malaysia Numismatic Malaysia.
Beside the exhibition, there are seminars on topic of coinage to be held in the morning on 18th August 2014 (Monday) at the Balai Cik Siti, Muzium Negeri Kelantan.

These are the topics:
1st topic:  "Matawang Syiling Emas Negeri Kelantan" by Dato' Sharuddin Yusof.
2nd topic:"Seni Kepeng Pitis Timah Negeri Kelantan" by Tuan Haji Rushdi bin Jusoh.
3rd topic: "Muzium dan peranan" by Nik Mohd Azlan bin Abd Hadi.

For those numismatists who are interested to attend, please contact the Muzium Kelantan at 09-7482266 for more details.


Master Steven Tan (PNM) Visited Dickson Niew Collection Shop On 13-8-2014.
Today, 13th August 2014, Master Steven Tan, the editor of the 21st Edition, the new "The Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money", published by International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd, but better known as Steven Tan's Catalogue has finally visited Dickson Niew Collection Shop at Subang Jaya.
He arrived at my shop at 11.00 am. He took almost 15 minutes to browse through his catalogue. He is very satisfied with this new released catalogue.
As what he has promised to me, he started to sign every copy of his catalogue in my shop. The total numbers are 300 books.
He was surprised when he started to receive visitors to my shop to collect his this new issue and took the golden opportunity to ask for this autograph and photograph.

Among the visitors were Uptown Bank Note Che'ri, Mr. Chong Chee Keong from Ipoh, Tuan Haji Rani, Mr. Steven Phuah and partner Mr. Chong, Mr. Allen Chee From Singapore, Mr. Wong from Cheras, Mr. Peter U, Mr. Selvam from Perak, Mr.5660 and others.

UpTown Bank Notes.
Mr. Chong Chee Keong From Ipoh.
Tuan Haji Rani.
Mr. Steven Phuah And Mr. Chong.
Mr. Jason Wong From Cheras.
Mr. Peter U From Sarawak.
Mr. Selvam From Perak.
It was a rare,very meaningful, joyful and togetherness occasion. Master Steven Tan (PNM) told me he was very happy and pleased to visit my Shop.

This 21st Edition of The Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money catalogue will be sold at Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of RM93.00. (US$29.00).

Every Steven Tan's Catalogue sold at Dickson Niew Collection Shop will be autographed by Mr. Steven Tan (PNM)

You may get your COPY
At: Dickson Niew Collection at Subang Jaya
No.58, Jalan SS14/2, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Please email or sms your name,contact numbers and address to:
Email: or 
sms to +6 017-9796337.


(NEW) Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money 21st Edition.
Today morning at 11.30am,the 21st Edition of The Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money, published by International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd, but better known as Steven Tan's Catalogue has finally arrived at Dickson Niew Collection Shop at Subang Jaya.

As what he  told me earlier, there were a lot of improvement and changes in his this new catalogue. He had updated the recommended selling price of the listed items to the best level in this catalogue.
All the Malaysia modern banknotes were listed by the series, year of issue and signature of the Governors.The replacement prefix; the first and last prefix; prefix of the printers were listed in details as well. Many unlisted and new items were listed too.

Many coins varieties were listed in this new catalogue as it was strongly recommended by Mr. Saran Singh.

This 21st Edition of The Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money catalogue will be sold at Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of RM93.00. (US$29.00).

Every Steven Tan's Catalogue sold at Dickson Niew Collection Shop will be autographed by Mr. Steven Tan (PNM)

 You may get your COPY:
At: Dickson Niew Collection at Subang Jaya
No.58, Jalan SS14/2, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Please email or sms your name,contact numbers and address to:
Email: or 
sms to +6 017-.9796337
Poslaju Charges: West Malaysia :RM10 per copy.
                               East Malaysia :RM15 per copy.


The 90th Anniversary of the South African Reserve Bank(SARB) Collectible Coins.

Few days ago , I was visited by a senior executive of a Mint Company. We had a very good chat. I sincerely appreciated his visit because I learnt a lot from him on the process of minting, modern state of art of minting, the security of coins processing and distributing, the speed of processing and many more. Towards the end of his visit, he presented to me a piece of collectible coin, a South African 2011 Commemorative Coin as a souvenir.

The 90th Anniversary of the South African Reserve Bank

The South African Reserve Bank, celebrates its 90th Anniversary on 30 June 2011. As part of these celebrations and to commemorate this milestone, a circulation R5 coin was minted. The coin and banknote design on the R5 coin depicts the history of the Bank, and how South Africa’s currency mirrors changing economic and political developments.

The following coins, are set out in the design:
The motif of St George and the dragon, which has been in use on British gold sovereigns and crowns since 1817. When Royal Mint took over the ZAR Mint, it produced large quantities of sovereigns bearing the mintmark “SA”. The R5 coin, minted in 2008 in honour of former President Nelson R Mandela’s 90th birthday, takes prominence. It is included in the design as a unifying coin and to highlight the immense contribution Mr Mandela made in the history of South Africa. The gold Natura coin reflects the endangered black rhinoceros to highlight its plight at the hands of poachers.

The 20c coin reflects one of South Africa’s national symbols, the king protea. The farthing, the smallest denomination, was in use from 1923 to 1960 and depicts two sparrows sitting on a mimosa branch. The banknote is a circulation note signed by the third Governor of the Bank, Dr M H de Kock, who was in office from 1 July 1945 to 30 June 1962.

Coat Of Arms.
Lettering: iNingizimu Afrika.2011.iSawula Afrika.

Historical South Afrika Coins and Banknote.
Lettering: 90 Years.1921-2011.5.RAND.

Security Edge With Lettering.

Thank you and looking forward to your next visit in near future , I got a lot more questions waiting for you. Cheers!


Pamiran Matawang Kesultanan Melaju Negeri Kelantan.
Seminar Serta Pameran dan Jualan

Tarikh              :           18.08.2014 

Masa                :           8.00pagi – 2.00 petang

Tempat            :           Muzium Negeri Kelantan
Perbadanan Muzium Negeri Kelantan dengan kerjasama Kelab Warisan Numismatik Malaysia serta Persatuan Senipurba dan Kraftangan Negeri Kelantan akan mengadakan Seminar / Pameran Numismatik di Muzium Kelantan.

Dalam Seminar ini juga akan membentangkan 3 kertas kerja Antranya :

Kertas Kerja 1           :           Matawang Kesultanan Melayu Negeri Kelantan

Penceramah                 :           Dato Hj Sharuddin bin Hj Yusof
(Presiden Kelab Warisan Numismatik).

Kertas Kerja 2           :           Duit Timah dan Duit Pitis Negeri Kelantan

Penceramah                 :           Haji Rusdi

Kertas Kerja 3           :           Pengenalan dan perbincangan mengenai Muzium Negeri                                                  Kelantan
Penceramah                 :           Pengarah Muzium Negeri Kelantan

Acara pameran akan berlangsung pada 16.08.2014 hingga 16.09.2014.

Program ini akan dirasmikan oleh YAB Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Ahmad Yakob bersama Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia atau Timbalan Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia  pada 18.08.2014 jam dijangkakan dalam pukul 12 tengahari . Turut hadir  Ketua Setiausaha Perlancongan YBhg Datuk Dr. Ong Hong Peng.

Peserta terbuka kepada semua ahli numismatik seluruh negara . Bagi yang berminat sila berikan NAMA, ALAMAT dan NO. KAD PENGENALAN serta NOMBOR H/F anda terus kepada Mr.Selvam melalui sms 019-4207905. Pendaftaran awal diperlukan kerana tempat terhad dan cetakan nama pada sijil penyertaan nanti. 

Bayaran           :           RM20.00 ( Boleh dibayar semasa seminar )

Penyertaan      :           TERHAD 100 peserta sahaja

Pertanyaan & Pendaftaran peserta (sms): 019-4207905 ( Mr.Selvam ).
Terima Kasih

Arahan Daripada : Presiden Kelab Warisan Numismatik Malaysia


Learning about coin collecting
By John Tiong - 4 August 2014 @ 1:46 PM
Full Report:
Reporter: Mr.John Tiong,
Photographer: Mr.S.Sugumaran.

MALAYSIAN Numismatic Society honorary secretary Dickson Niew says rookie coin collectors should be aware of pitfalls in the hobby.

He said there were many fakes in the market, including things such as assisted freak coins which are not worth collecting because they are not real mint errors.

Niew said the rule of thumb was not to fall for something that sounded too good to be true, such as a rare coin with a low price or the easy availability of such coins.

He said there were some 3,000 numismatists in the country and added that eight out of 10 Malaysians would have collected some coins during their lifetimes.

He advised new hobbyists to start out by collecting Malaysian coins as they would be most familiar with local coins.

He also urged them to take the time to read up on the subject and make friends with the old-timers who could guide them.
Niew writes on coin collecting at

The first rule, he said, was to be very observant. For example, he said, the 50 sen coin was worth RM80 if the tip of the wau was off from its 11 o'clock position. The further off it is, the more the coin is worth, said Niew.

Among the pricier coins, he said, were coins with planchat errors, where a part of the design was missing. Errors at the mint may result in irregular shapes, images and other defects which increases the value of a coin.

"There is always a ready buyer for a rare coin or note," said Niew who regularly attends numismatic auction fairs in Malaysia and Singapore.

He said one of the rarest Malaysian coins was the 1976 one cent bronze. He said only 100 pieces were minted and they were now worth about RM12,000 each. He said the 1971 10-sen coins were worth some RM700 each because only 32,000 were minted.
Niew said the RM1 banknote signed by Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan Sulaiman was worth about RM6,000.

He said it was special because all of the banknotes in the third series bore Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz's signature, except for the prefix CR that came with the late Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan Sulaiman's signature
He said there were only banknotes with CR serial numbers from 720xxxx to 724xxxx, meaning there were a maximum of 40,000 to 50,000 pieces.

Niew stocks all kinds of old coins at his shop, Dickson Niew Collection, here.
They include coins from the Malay Archipelago dating back to the early days of Islam. The tin duit ayam from Kedah are about 500 years old and fetch about RM1,800 each.

Tin coins from Perak, made in the shape of animals such as fishes, clams and birds, are also sold at between RM250 and RM400 each.