The Gold Kupang "Shah Alam" Of Patani-Kelantan.
Rarity: RRR/SS41

This rare Gold Kupang was offered to me from the derivation of my trip visit to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I visited the only antique shop in Kota Bharu which was belonged to En. Azahari. Now, it is operate by his son En. Azaman. I asked him to help me to search for me the Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang and Kijang Kupang.

He found for me  this rare  "Shah Alam" Gold Kupang. It was coded as SS41 and rated as "RRR" in Saran Singh book, "The Encyclopaedia Of The Coins Of Malaysia Singapore And Brunei 1400-1967".

This Patani-Kelantan "Shah Alam" Gold Kupang weight at 0.60 gram and with a diameter measured at 9.20mm.

On the obverse in Arabic inscription: "Shah Alam" which means "Ruler Of The World".
  On the reverse is "Malik Al Adil" means "The Just Ruler".
The composition is gold.


Hindus are celebrating Deepavali.
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Also known as the Festival of Lights, may the divine light spread into your life giving you Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health. This festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil.
May your life be illuminated and guided to success!
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Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang Flower Type Dinar Matahari.
Rarity: RRR/SS61

This is the Gold Dinar of Kelantan-Patani in the 16th to18th century. The motif of the sun on the obverse of the gold coin has resulted in it being called Dinar Matahari (sun). Sun motifs found on these coins are like the sun is shining. Dinar Matahari is said to be affected by the currency used in the Kingdom of Patani, and it is believed to have been introduced by traders from India.The fact was confirmed when there is a discovery of coins using the sun as a motif on one side, and a bull motif on the other side, where these design was found in the Indian currency in the 3rd century BC. Therefore, it is likely the influence of the government of India to our Dinar Matahari Gold Kupang Patani-Kelantan currency. Although not all Dinar Matahari are using the shining sun motifs, some of them are using motifs such as flowers, but there were also called Dinar Matahari. Type of flower used is Lotus, it was used as a motif on the obverse of the Gold Kupang was by the influence of Buddhism, the lotus flower, is a symbol of chastity, cleanliness and purity, according to Buddhist believers.

Patani-Kelantan. Dinar Matahari (Six Petals) Gold Kupang of Patani-Kelantan Sultanate ( 16-18th Century)


Weight : 0.60gm

Diameter: 9mm

Composition :Gold

Ref Saran's : SS61

Rarity: RARE.

Motif matahari pada muka duit syiling emas jenis yang kedua ini telah menyebabkan ianya dipanggil Dinar Matahari. Motif Matahari yang terdapat pada duit syiling ini adalah seumpama matahari yang sedang bersinar. Dinar matahari dikatakan terpengaruh daripada mata wang yang digunakan di Patani, dan ianya dipercayai diperkenalkan oleh pedagang dari India. Turut menguatkan lagi kenyataan ini apabila wujudnya penemuan jenis duit syiling yang menggunakan matahari sebagai motif di salah satu bahagian muka, dan motif lembu di satu bahagian lagi, yang mana penemuan ini dijumpai pada mata wang India abad ke 3 Sebelum Masihi. Oleh itu, amat berkemungkinan, wujudnya pengaruh daripada kerajaan India terhadap mata wang Dinar Matahari yang pernah digunakan di Patani-Kelantan ini. Walaupun begitu, tidak semua Dinar Matahari menggunakan motif matahari yang bersinar, sebahagiannya menggunakan motif seperti bunga, akan tetapi turut dinamakan Dinar Matahari. Jenis bunga yang digunakan adalah Bunga Teratai, penggunaannya sebagai motif di muka mata wang ini pula merupakan pengaruh daripada agama Buddha, yang mana bunga Teratai yang sedang berkembang adalah simbol kepada kesucian menurut kepercayaan penganut penganut agama Buddha. Saiz Dinar Matahari ini mempunyai ukuran garis lintang 10 mm dan beratnya antara 7-10‘grains’ (0.45-0.6.5 gm), selain itu Duit syiling ini juga tergolong dalam kategori kupang. Pengeluaran duit syiling jenis yang terhad menyebabkan kekurangannya di pasaran. Source:(mrbacoincollection)


Doctor Ibrahim Bakar Langkawi, The President Of MASDINAR Kedah.
Doctor Ibrahim Bakar, The President of MASDINAR (The Malay States Indigenous Numismatic Heritage Association, Malaysia) was in Kuala Lumpur on 17-10-2014 to deliver his newly published book, The "KOTA SEPUTIH, LINDUNGAN BULAN, Sebagai Pusat Pemerintahan Kedah Darul Aman 1323-1626)" to me and others during his trip to visit his daughter in Subang Jaya.
Doctor Ibrahim Bakar Langkawi, (He told me he is Anak Langkawi), is a Numismatic enthusiast  and a Medical Practicioner at KDO Pdg at Kedah, Malaysia Hospital & Health Care by profession.
I picked him at his daughter's at USJ, Subang Jaya home and we went to Sasana Kijang. When we arrived, we saw Dato' Sharuddin ,The President of Kelab Numismatic Malaysia and Tuan Haji Rani a Malay States Sultanate Coins enthusiast were already there having their breakfast in the cafĂ©. Later we had Tuan Haji Azmi bin Abd Malik, The Vice President of Kelab Numismatik Malaysia and Master Azizian Azit (RMA) of University Malaya (Pahang) joining us.

We were enjoying sharing the experience and knowledge on Malay States Sultanate Coinages.

We also asked Doctor Ibrahim Bakar Langkawi to autograph his newly published book, The "KOTA SEPUTIH, LINDUNGAN BULAN, Sebagai Pusat Pemerintahan Kedah Darul Aman 1323-1626)" for us.

We were also very pleased to have Cik Idarani from the MAG, Sasana Kijang of Bank Negara Malaysia to pay us a visit.


Uptown Shah Alam Seksyen 24 Caught Fire This Morning
Persiaran Sultan, Seksyen 24, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Uptown Shah Alam houses over 425 stalls offering a multitude of goods including clothing, accessories, food, household items as well as pets.
A total of 196 stalls in Shah Alam Uptown night market in Section 24 razed to the ground in a predawn fire at 2.40am, early today (15-10-2014-Wednesday).

Fire Started From This Shoe Stall.
No injuries or fatalities were reported. The losses suffered estimated to be more than RM18 millions, the cause of the fire were still being investigated.
Uptown BankNotes  Street.
Among the victims, is our numismatist Che'Ri from Uptown BankNotes. Early this morning, I received many massages asking and telling me what had happened to Uptown BankNotes. Nobody has any confirmed news about the fire happened at Uptown Shah Alam and nobody can contact our Che'Ri.
Uptown BankNotes  Street.
I decided to pay a visit to the site after I send my son to his school. When I approached the junction entering to Uptown Shah Alam, I was blocked by traffic police personals and MBSA officers. The police very politely informed me that the site is closed for Fire Department to carry out the investigation. I made a turned around and went through a residential area, finally I arrived at the site.
Uptown BankNotes  Street.
As I was walking to the razed area, I heard someone calling me "Dickson"! When I turned around, is him, Che'Ri. I was so please to see him in person. I told him many numismatic friends are worry about him.

He told me he is still in okay condition although his shop was confirmed total lost in the blaze. He told me he was lucky because he was still in the shop when the blaze starts at 2.45am. He used to close his shop and go home at 2.30am. But this morning he was still around after 2.30am to do some cleaning. The electricity was tripped at 2.45 am while he was using his vacuum machine. He heard someone behind his stall was shouting "Fire"! Fire"!. He went over to take a look, a shoe stall was covered in thick smoke. The shoe stall assistant, who was still having his snack in a nearby food stall rushed back and opened the door. The fire gushed out from the shoe stall and spread to the next stall located just adjacent to Uptown BankNotes in just a split of second. Our Che'Ri instantly rushed back to his own shop to savage his belongings. He managed to safe some of his banknotes, coin albums and framed uncut banknotes. The fire was already gushed into his stall during his third attempt. He had to give up! He lost his numismatic accessories and numismatic catalogs totally!

He brought me to view around the burnt venue. I saw many stall owners were sitting around looking helplessly. Some fire fighters were still around, they looked very tired.

I was told by Che'Ri, they were being promised by the "Adun YB" who visited them this morning a temporary site to run their business.
He knew many numismatic friends were trying to call him. He asked me to thank you for your concerned and he said sorry to you because he need some time to settle his problems.

Cheers! Che'Ri! You will be Better in future!!!


Singapore Collectibles Auction Asia 5/2015 (19th. April.2015)
Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) 4/2014 auction was held on 4th.October.2014 with a big success. More than 75% of the listed items were bidded.
Read more: http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2014/10/trip-to-singapore-caa-auction-42014_9.html#ixzz3G7zlaKgk
Collectibles Auction Asia 5/2015
Coins & Banknotes Auction
The next Collectibles Auction Asia 5/2015 (Singapore)(CAA) Coins & Banknotes Auction will be held at the same venue in Singapore on 19th. April.2015.
Dickson Niew Collection at No.58, Jalan SS14/2, SS14, Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor, Malaysia was chosen to be the collection center in Malaysia for items to be auction in CAA 5/2015 (Singapopre).

If you have good numismatic items (Coins and Banknotes), preferably graded by NGC, PCGS and PMG, please submit to me. I can be reached at +60 179796337, email: dicksonniew33@gmail.com or deliver to the address mentioned above.