Gold Kijang Kupang Of Patani-Kelantan Facing To The Right.
Rarity: RRR/SS56
In Master Saran Singh's book " The Encyclopaedia of THE COINS OF MALAYSIA SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967", this Kupang was coded as SS56. This Patani-Kelantan Gold Bull/Kijang Kupang facing to the right was graded as RRR in rarity and is classified as an extremely rare item.

I was lucky to be given a chance to view and hold it in my hand the actual coin during our Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.163 which was held at Museum Negara Malaysia last Sunday.(22-3-2015).

I was told by a senior collector of Malay State Sultanate Coinage, this is a "must" piece to be collected by a serious collector of Malay State Sultanate Gold Kupang. He told me, so far he had seen around 12 pieces of this rare SS56 Patani-Kelantan Gold Bull/Kijang Kupang facing to the right. Mostly are in serious collector's custody!

Obverse : A humped bull/Kijang (Barking Deer) facing to the right with the tail pointing down. A crescent moon and sun above the Kijang.

Reverse: In Arabic " Malik Al Adil " (The Just Ruler).
Edge: Plain.

Weight: 0.62gm.

Diameter: 8.5mm

Composition: Gold.

Grade: RRR


MNS AUCTION No.163 (22-3-2015). CAUGHT You On Camera ! (Part 2 )
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Queuing up to renew membership, registration to be a new member of MNS and registered to be a bidder....
More young numismatists.
Tin coins enthusiasts..
Master Saran Singh and son were interested on Malacca tin coinage.
No. 10 ! Diego Armando Maradona Franco ?
The Tarcian was in action.....
From young junior numismatist to senior numismatist.
More newbies were attending the auction.
Regular and new faces
Definitely new members.
MNS FIRST VICE PRESIDENT, Mr. Lawrence de Souza.
Derek !Two eyes are not enough! Must two pairs!
Sorry! Not enough of seats.
The Auction Hall at Museum Negara was packed.
Bid No. 21, is yours!
Now you see it!
Now you don't!
Successful Bidders! Cheers! Thank you very much for your support!

Post-mortem discussion on how to bid in the next auction...
The lucky guy! Very happy to meet the master! Wow ! All the way from Penang......
Must not miss the opportunity to take a  photo with Master Saran Singh.
Tarcian, you are more lucky!
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MNS AUCTION No.163 (22-3-2015).
CAUGHT You On Camera !
I would like to thank to all dealers and members of MNS who were at the auction hall at Museum Negara early morning on Sunday.

Thanks to dealers who were at the bourse tables, to all MNS members and new MNS members who attended and got registered themselves at our auction.
Welcome to a  new dealer En. Yazid Bin Yaakop from Cheras, Selangor who took a bourse table. He told me he was enjoying good business during this auction. He sold four pieces of 11th series RM100 banknotes with severe "Inking Error" to Mr. Igami, a serious collector of error banknotes from Japan. Cheers!
Meeting old good friend
Glad to meet Master Tan Tai Seng (PNM) and Dato' Sharuddin (The 2nd Vice President of MNS)
Meeting buddy friends at "smoking zone" !
" Bro! Your Penang coins!!!"
New dealer, En Yazid Yaakop.
King & Wai Ko is ready!
Naughty Benggy, the regular and most supportive MNS bidder!
Dato' Sha, serious negotiation!
Attractive lady and her hubby! New faces!
New comers! Cheers!
King Miharbi, " Dr. Confirmed ehh! Janji jangan kacau saya bid lot ini, hi hi hi".
Under the watchful eyes of the working committee member. Thank you Mr.Selvam.
" We got to view faster, more are coming!!"
Selvam,"Wah! Ini rupa macam film star lah"
Benggy " These are my selected items that I am bidding".  Alex Wong," Mmmm!!"
Welcome to the Professional Auctioneer, Mr.& Mrs Stephen Soon. See you at Bank Negara Malaysia Auction next Sunday at Sasana Kijang !
Strong group of  pre-viewers ! Good to promote "Maxis' here!!
More viewers!
Finally, we got our turn to view!
 To Be Continued................

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